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Welcome to SIMS

Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore has an Education Environment which has tremendous structural and human resource. The Faculty at SIMS is a jewel in its crown, is professionally motivated which is a tremendous asset for the institution. The SIMS Campus building has a unique grandeur. All the Basic Sciences departments are located in a purpose built campus where the basic and applied aspects of basic sciences are inculcated. This is the foundation of an Integrated Curriculum.

The Educational Cycleis implemented through a curriculum framework. After Needs Assesment the Outcome for a particular course, class or rotation is determined. Instructional Strategies ensure that teaching is equated with learning. There is emphasis on interactive and experiential aspect of teaching. Appropriate small and large groups teaching methods are implemented. Simulations have a great role in medical education. Basic Life Support (BLS) has been initiated for undergraduates. Skills Development Center and Experimental Animal Lab is a hallmark of the modern learning and teaching strategies and are an integral part

SIMS Events & News

What's happening on campus


Inaugration of Dialysis Emergency
The Principal SIMS Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal Inaugrated Dialysis Emergency along with SIMS/SHL Management

SIMSCON 22 Coming Soon

Video Message On Eid-Ul-Adha 2022 By The Principal Services Institute Of Medical Sciences, Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal

The Principal SIMS Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal expressing his views about Future Projects of SIMS/SHL, Services and Trauma / RTA to Lahore News Channel

Research Workshops
Research Workshops for Undergraduate Students of SIMS

The Principal SIMS visits SHL Emergency
The Principal SIMS, Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal & MS Services hospital Dr.Amir Ghafoor visits SHL Emergency

Principal SIMS Interview in Mehman-e-Khas Program
The Principal SIMS Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal Interview in Mehman-e-Khas Program of Lahore News Channel

The Principal SIMS, Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal expressing his views about accident and Trauma issue

WHO team visits SIMS
WHO team visits Services Institute of Medical Sciences for discussion on Maternal & Perinatal death Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) - Orientation Session to support Implementation in Punjab

Workshop on EPA (Entrustable Professional Activity)
Faculty Development Workshop on EPA (Entrustable Professional Activity). The Principal SIMS Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal addressed the workshop Participants.

Dramatics Society Day
Dramatics Society Day at Services Institute of Medical Sciences

Mushaira Bayad-e-Faiz Event
Mushaira Bayad-e-Faiz, arranged by SIMS Debating & Litrerary society at SIMS Auditorium

Quiz Competition
Quiz Competition between SIMS Students at SIMS Auditorium. The Principal SIMS, Prof.Dr.M.Farooq Afzal and SIMS Faculty were also present at the occasion

World "No-Tobacco Day"
Message By The Principal Services Institute Of Medical Sciences, Prof.Dr.Muhammad Farooq Afzal On World "No-Tobacco Day"

SIMS Convocation 2022
Services Institute of Medical Sciences 6th Convocation 2022 for students of MBBS Session-2013-2018 & 2014-2019 held at Expo Center Lahore on 17th May, 2022

Patients Welfare Society SIMS/SHL
Patients Welfare Society of SIMS/SHL

Newspapers print SIMS Events
SIMS events highlighted by newspapers

Important Notices


Preparing students to ensure meaningful contributions to society as highly competitive doctors

Departments & Wards
View the Teaching and Clinical Departments of SIMS

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs


Culture of collaboration that drives innovative discoveries important to our health and world

SIMS Research Center and Labs
SIMS Research Center, Workshops and Seminars.View ongoing and future plans of SIMS Research Center

ESCULAPIO - Journal of Sevices Institute of Medical Sciences
Esculapio Latest Reseach Vol 18, Issue 1, January 2022 - March 2022 is Online
Submission Open for Upcoming Esculapio Vol. 18, Issue 2 ( April-June 2022 )
National and International Authors are invited to submit their research articles, case studies and review papers for the possible publication in Esculapio upcoming volume 18, issue 2 to be published in June 2022.

Campus Life

Creative people community from around the country

Student life
SIMS students life

Picture Gallery
Journal of Sevices Institute of Medical Sciences

SIMS Affiliated Institutions

We together provding outstanding health services

Services Hospital

Services Hospital, Lahore is the teaching hospital of Services Institute of Medical Sciences(SIMS)  
Nursing School


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